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Dome, the leading brand in dome ports for GoPro cameras, will change its domain to in February 26th, 2017. We do this because GoPro Inc. has claimed the ownership of domain through an arbitration proceeding. This does not alter our commitments to our customers, it only changes this website address and the way of contacting us, which will now be and instead of and, though the latter will work until February 26th, 2017.

“We feel very sorry that GoPro Inc. have claimed our domain not needing it at all”

Although of course we respect the decision of the panelists and we will not make further allegations, as fans of GoPro we feel very sorry that they have claimed our domain not needing it at all. Its use on our part has not hurt GoPro Inc. in any way, but vice versa. GoPro Inc. does not sell dome ports for their cameras nor plan to do it and the fact that someone else does only increases the chances of their products making them more attractive.

In this administrative proceeding GoPro Inc. claims that we, a start up that does not cease advertising their products, have been harming them by taking advantage of their brand, when -we insist- we do not compete with them at all and there is in fact no other way to describe a product manufactured exclusively for GoPro cameras and make it visible in the internet than using the word ‘GoPro’ -we do not even use images of GoPro products on our website.

In addition, we find it at best curious that when we started our adventure in April 2016, the GoPro Lifestyle Marketing Operations Department will consider our product a way to advertise their own brand to the point of emailing us asking to send them a Dome to tag us on their website. It was not until July 2016 that GoPro Inc. claimed the very same domain that achieved such a good position, page rank and product prestige, just when we reached Google’s top position for ‘GoPro Dome’ searches and our sales soared.

We do not see how we could have taken advantage of the GoPro brand, but the objective facts are that GoPro Inc. now owns a domain that had no value for them until we made our product viral.

As the GoPro fans we are and will continue to be, we take all this as GoPro Inc.’s recognition of our hard work -a work we started with simply a website, a modest few thousand bucks investment in a good product and a wise marketing strategy, and will keep up through our new website

In, previously, we will continue to offer GoPro Domes with even more enthusiasm than we have shown so far. Our version for GoPro HERO5 will be released in a few weeks. It has an exclusive design, conceived in Catalonia, that will be applied shortly to the rest of versions of Dome for GoPro different models and, who knows, maybe to other action cam brands in the future.

This is being an exciting adventure. Thank you very much for joining us.

Marc Cots & Marc Martí
Dome founders