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0. Do you sell Domes for GoPro 5 and 6?

Yes. Hundreds of GoPro lovers have asked us for a Dome for the new GoPro Hero 5 and Hero 6. So we have set to work our product designers to build our exclusive Dome for GoPro HERO 5 & 6. You can buy it here for $79.90.

1. Is Dome related to GoPro trademark?

No. Dome is a product conceived from GoPro and action sports passion, but Dome has no relationship with GoPro products or GoPro Inc.

2. Does Dome work with any action camera?

No. Dome consists of a lens which has a housing attached. This housing only fits GoPro HERO3, GoPro HERO3+, and GoPro HERO4 cameras. In the case of Dome for GoPro HERO5 or HERO6, it is only compatible with these two particular models (HERO5 Black and HERO6), since the back door is designed to fit the shape of that camera. Dome for GoPro HERO3/3+/4 does not fit GoPro HERO5 or HERO6, as their fastening and waterproofing system is different.

None of our Domes are compatible with Session versions of GoPro HERO because their shape and size are different from standard HERO versions and so they do not fit the slot on the back panel of the lens. GoPro HERO+ and versions with LCD (except for GoPro HERO5 & HERO6) are not supported either.

3. Can I use the functions of my GoPro normally when using Dome?

Yes. Dome for GoPro HERO5 and HERO6 allows you to use all camera modes normally, including LCD screen and remote control, among others. In the case of Dome for GoPro HERO3/3+/4, as the camera goes inside a case, it is necessary to turn it on before putting it in and to change the modes using a remote control, although you can also use the shooter by pressing it normally.

4. How deep can I take Dome underwater?

Dome is meant for use only at the water’s surface where spectacular photos can be taken that show what is both above and below the water. It is not suitable for deep diving given that the images that Dome allows you to make in that situation are identical to what you could capture without any accessory. We advise against using the Dome lower than 25 inches below the surface and being cautious with manufacturers who assure that the accessory can be taken deeper since the engineering that requires this function is expensive for something that they know does not have an added value. We prefer to invest in quality and design rather than in a feature that will not bring anything to your images.

5. What do I do if I take my Dome in deep water and the dome port gets a little water inside?

You can remove the dome port with the screwdriver included in the wrench kit to clean it properly and then assemble the set well. However, if Dome is not taken deeper than the surface and treated with appropriate care as in any photographic accessory, water should not get inside it.

6. Do you sell the dome port (the transparent part) separately?

Yes. However, we do not currently have them in stock. If you are interested in buying one, please contact us at the end of September. This piece is compatible with Dome for GoPro 3/3+/4 and with Dome for GoPro 5 & 6.

7. My question is not answered here. How do I contact customer service?

You can contact us at our Support section. You will receive an answer within 24 – 48 hours of your inquiry. You can also check our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions of Sale for further information. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a phone customer service by now.